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office-57-3224.jpgAlpine radio installed into a 2003-2007 Accord lower cubbyoffice-57-3224.jpg
office-57-5354.jpgAlpine navigation unit in a 2007 Acadiaoffice-57-5354.jpg
office-57-5355.jpgFront of store lit up at nightoffice-57-5355.jpg
office-57-5356.jpgWe do projector mounts. Commercial or residentialoffice-57-5356.jpg
office-57-5357.jpgWe install accent lighting on boatsoffice-57-5357.jpg
office-57-5358.jpgSound deadening a car door to improve sound and lessen road noiseoffice-57-5358.jpg
office-57-5359.jpgSamsung tablet installed into dash of a Honda Ridgelineoffice-57-5359.jpg
office-57-5360.jpgPanasonic 65" TV with Sonos soundbar belowoffice-57-5360.jpg
office-57-5361.jpgLG TV and super thin soundbar above fireplaceoffice-57-5361.jpg
office-57-5362.jpgWe do back up camerasoffice-57-5362.jpg
office-57-5363.jpgCeiling speakers are very popular. They blend into a room and sound great.office-57-5363.jpg
office-57-5364.jpgWe install back up beeper systems. This is the display that mounts above your rear view mirror.office-57-5364.jpg
office-57-5365.jpgThis is a rear view mirror that has a built in monitor to show the camera picture when you are backing up.office-57-5365.jpg
office-57-5366.jpg2008 Hyundai Elantra double din installationoffice-57-5366.jpg
office-57-5367.jpgThis is how our car audio showroom looked during the summer of 2015office-57-5367.jpg
office-57-5368.jpgKeith's 3D party from 2010. 3D TV was just hitting the market and there was a special viewing of a 3D NHL hockey game.office-57-5368.jpg
office-57-5369.jpgThis picture shows a left, center and right surround sound ceiling speaker with a TV over a fireplace office-57-5369.jpg
office-57-5409.jpg2011 Subaru Impreza WRX features a Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX indash navigation system with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay capabilityoffice-57-5409.jpg
office-57-5410.jpg1994 (C4) Corvette and Pioneer AVH-270BT double din touch screen multi mediaoffice-57-5410.jpg
office-57-5416.jpgThis Pioneer AppRadio4 (SPH-DA120) is looking good in the 2007 Santa Fe. A popular radio for its Apple CarPlay feature.office-57-5416.jpg